Mood and Anxiety Disorders

I can help you learn how to effectively and efficiently resolve mood and anxiety issues, including depression, bipolar, general anxiety, panic, and OCD. In addition, since these issues have a high rate of relapse (i.e., symptoms returning), I also offer evidence-based treatments for the prevention of relapse.

Trauma and PTSD

Whether in the past or recent, trauma—such as abuse, loss, and violence—can have pervasive effects on a person’s sense of wellbeing as well as personal and professional relationships. I will work with you to resolve trauma symptoms and develop a rich and fulfilling life. Although often a challenging process if the trauma was severe, trauma has a very positive prognosis when treated professionally.

Divorce Recovery and Remarriage

Divorce can be a devastating period, often the most challenging in a person’s life. The divorce process itself can be extremely challenging on multiple levels, with most people benefiting from professional support and guidance to navigate significant conflict, change, and loss. Through divorce therapy, I work with individuals and families to not only heal from the pain but grow from it and move towards a more hopeful future. In particular, I teach parents essentials skills to shield their children from the potential negative effects of divorce. For those wanting to move on, we can explore how to create more fulfilling relationships in the future. Finally, those who remarry with children must navigate the challenges of creating a blended family, which can be a perplexing process with few clear answers. I work with these families to find meaningful ways to build sincere connection and a foundation of trust and respect.

Abusive Relationships

Emotional and physically abusive relationships are challenging to overcome and are difficult to understand, especially if you believe your former partner had a personality disorder such as borderline, narcissist, or antisocial. I work with individuals to work through the trauma specific of abusive relationships and learn how to find healthier relationships and boundaries in the future.

Sexuality and Sex Addiction

I work with individuals addressing sexual concerns as well as sexual addiction. For the first time, neuroscience is able to provide unparalleled new understandings of human sexuality, shattering many long-held social myths.

Mindfulness as Medication Alternative

With a rapidly growing evidence-base, mindfulness is widely recognized as a viable alternative to medication for several disorders, including depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It is also widely used to prevent relapse for substance abuse and eating disorders. I work with individuals ages 6 and older wanting to try mindfulness to avoid psychotropic medications.

Professionals and Their Partners and Families

I have extensive experience working professionals in the biotechnology, entertainment, medical, and mental health industries. These work contexts have unique stressors and dynamics that affect not just the individual but also partners and children.

Wellness and Optimal Functioning

I also work with individuals and couples to move beyond “okay” to develop an approach to life that optimizes wellness and personal and professional success.