Parenting and Family Therapy for ADHD and Child Behavioral and Mood Issues

Family therapy is the treatment of choice for many if not most childhood and adolescent issues, including ADHD, behavioral issues, mood disorders, eating disorders and substance abuse. Family therapy is also very effective for conflict between parents and their adult children or between siblings. Through therapy, parents and children learn how to set healthy boundaries, develop routines and expectations that work for everyone, and increase a sense of emotional connection.

I work with children and their families to address:

  • Childhood depression

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Trauma, PTSD and abuse

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


  • Divorce adjustment

  • Adjustment to major life changes

  • Peer and social issues

  • Screen time issues

  • Academic under-functioning

  • Loss and grief

Mindfulness as Medication Alternative

With a rapidly growing evidence-base, mindfulness is widely recognized as a viable alternative to medication for several disorders, including depression, anxiety and ADHD. It is also widely used to prevent relapse for substance abuse and eating disorders. I work with individuals ages 6 and older wanting to try mindfulness to avoid psychotropic medications.