Couples Therapy

Having published widely on the subject and skilled in several approaches, I work with collaboratively with a wide range of couples to improve their communication and preserve their relationships, including those who have experienced infidelity and trauma. In a supportive environment, couples learn to recognize destructive patterns, develop a safe and secure connection, regain a sense of intimacy, and effectively address future challenges. Couples therapy typically has an excellent success rate (70-75%), with couples who seek counseling sooner experiencing better outcomes.

Divorce Therapy/Co-Parenting Consultation

I work with parents who have decided to separate to find a healthy and low-conflict resolution to their parenting differences. Often the court process creates unnecessary and expensive antagonism. I work with couples to find a resolution that supports the wellbeing of each member of the family, with a focus on the children's emotional health.

Remarriage with Children: Step-Families and Blended Families

More than half of all families in the U.S. today are "blended" or step-families. In these contexts, the process of creating a new, healthy family structure can take as long as five years depending on the number of children, age of children, conflict between parents, etc. These marriages are at a higher risk of divorce due to the multiple and complex stresses on the couple. I work with couples to develop realistic expectations and workable strategies that create a family where everyone feels loved and respected.

Premarital Therapy

Premarital counseling and relationship enrichment have a strong evidence-based for helping couples improve relationships that are already going well. When you think about it—that's quite impressive. Investing time to develop a strong foundation for an already good relationship is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure greater happiness in the years ahead. I will work with you to assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of your relationship and then help you take your relationship to the next level.

Relational Checkup

Want to keep a good relationship going? Periodic relationship checkups are a wise strategy. Some researchers estimate that most couples come to therapy seven years too late. Periodic relationship check ups can help you identify relational issues long before they become a problem so that the foundation of the relationship is never in jeopardy.