Professional Speaking

Dr. Gehart gives keynotes and workshops on a range of professional topics of interest to mental health professionals, including:

  • Mindfulness in psychotherapy

  • Mindfulness with children

  • Mindfulness in schools

  • Screen time parenting

  • Using mixed-reality simulation in mental health training

  • Evidence-informed treatment

  • Postmodern therapies, including collaborative, narrative therapy, solution-focused therapies

  • Postmodern approaches with children

  • Education in mental health, including measuring student competencies

  • Current trends in the field

  • DSM-5 training

  • Recovery-oriented mental health

Expert Witness Testimony

Dr. Gehart has experience providing expert testimony related to the following:

  • Standards of training in the field of marriage and family therapy

  • Competency in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and couple/family therapy

  • Licensing standards for California marriage and family therapists

  • Standard care/treatment procedures in psychotherapy, counseling, and couple/family therapy

Mentoring for the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation

Dr. Gehart provides mentoring for the AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) Approved Supervisor Designation.

License Exam Consultation

Dr. Gehart provides consultation for students taking counseling and MFT licensing exams and wanting assistance with understanding theory and other common concepts on the exam. Additionally, she provides personalized consultation related to finding the best study method for a person's particular learning approach.

Professional Mentoring

Dr. Gehart also provides general professional mentoring for mental health professionals wanting to explore the best options for their career path.

Workshop Handouts