Sexuality & Sex Addiction
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The age of the internet, social media, and non-stop external stimulation has made navigating our sexuality increasingly complex. Sexual dysfunction is highly prevalent, with 43% of women and 31% of men reporting these concerns. Low sex drive is on the rise, with 30% of women and 15% of men reporting git as an issue. Sexual arousal disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, is an issue with 10% of men 20% of women, while 30% of men report premature ejaculation issues. There is also an increase in delayed ejaculation, which is correlated with pornography use. In 2017, 42.7% of internet users reported viewing internet pornography, with 6-8% of Americans struggling with sexual addiction.

At the same time, neuroscience is providing a whole new understanding of the psychological and physiological mechanisms of sexual response and desire. Although a delicate topic, sexual concerns are a concern for individuals and couples alike.
My Approach to Treating Sexual Concerns
Comprehensive Assessment: I begin with a comprehensive assessment that considers individual and couple (if partnered) functioning to address key relational issues and rule out psychological or physiological issues that may be a significant factor in the dysfunction. Beginning with a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, relational, and physiological factors ensures that treatment is focused on the right issues.
Early Treatment: Early treatment of sexual addiction focuses on addressing the psychological, emotional, relational and biological underlying the compulsive behavior and taking concrete steps to get it under control. With other sexual concerns, we explore beliefs, expectations, relational dynamics, and attitudes that relate and typically underlie the sexual concerns.
Cultivating Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy: Once compulsive behaviors are better under control, new attitudes towards sex are established, and/or relational dynamics are improved, I work with individuals and couples to develop a healthy approach to sexuality and increased ability to experience emotional intimacy in couple relationships.
Recommended Readings
Come as You Are reveals the latest science on the why and how women's sexuality works, radically changing how you understand and approach sex.
Mating in Captivity offers a bold new perspective on intimacy and sex in committed relationships by carefully examining the paradox of sustaining desire in monogamous relationships.
In State of Affairs, Perel offers new insights into affairs and the modern marriage, examining personal and cultural attitudes about love, lust, and commitment. Her insights offer couples struggling with infidelity with a new and hopeful perspective for understanding their situation.
Breaking the Cycle helps you end the cycle of sex addiction by examining your unique story and then providing practical guidance for taking back control of your sexual choices to preparing you to experience true intimacy.
An essential book for parents and their boys, Your Brain on Porn reveals the many unexpected outcomes and symptoms of the internet pornography use. Scientists are learning that this specific form of pornography is resulting in a dramatic increase in sexual dysfunction in young men, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.