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My Philosophy

I offer a comprehensive range of counseling, psychotherapy, and consulting services for individuals, teens, couples, and families using collaborative, outcome-oriented, and strength-based counseling approaches. I work with you to effectively and efficiently address your concerns and help you to find greater fulfillment and meaning in your life and relationships.

I have several areas of specialty:
Children & Families

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Treatment & Financial Information

Length of Treatment
In 8-12 sessions, most clients find that their chief complaint is significantly improved. If your situation is relatively straightforward--such as many parenting issues--fewer sessions may be required. Those with severe or chronic issues--such as a high-conflict divorce or multiple traumas--may need more sessions before the situation is fully resolved.

Payment Options
I will bill PPO plans on your behalf in addition to cash, checks and Visa/MC/Amex, including employer-issued debit cards for healthcare accounts. I can also provide a medical "superbill" for reimbursement from healthcare savings/reimbursement accounts.


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